A sweet 15th printer’s tray

I started this project some months ago, when a good friend of mine told me that her daughter was having  her sweet 15 party in November. I knew right from that moment what her present would be: a dedicated printer’s tray for her room.

The girl is the sweetest thing, she loves music, dancing, the Beatles, her friends and her favorite thing right now is the peace sign and its meaning. She owns a strong will and is super determined and at the same time she’s fun to be with … my present was very much defined.

So I started the search for the little details that would go on the printer’s tray and for sometime it looked like this:


Then the most colorful palette I’ve ever used got hold of the tray and now somewhere in her room it looks like this:


I used all kinds of little things I got at the different stores where teenagers shop, I made sure they were peace sign friendly   😉

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2 thoughts on “A sweet 15th printer’s tray

  1. Amiga como me gusta tu trabajo, super detallista , divino quedo.- Hermoso!!! Y ademas queiro desearte lo mejor en el seminario. FELICITACIONES!!! Besos

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