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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, you get to wear a costume and become your favorite character for a day.

I was visiting Tim Holtz’s blog when I came across his October tag. I got totally inspired to make tags for my friends trying to imitate (if I may use that word) Tim’s steps on the creation of it.

These are the materials I used:

> cardboard for the base

> sewing tissue paper, where I drew the spiderweb

> wooden letters

> black glitter

> wooden moon (that was the closest Halloween image I could find)

> purple and orange acrylic paint

> our dear friend modge podge

The letters and the moon took two layers of glitter to get the look Tim got when he created his own hand made glitter. The rest is just a matter of assembling it to make it look nice and to take a short ride on the dark side.

Thank you for stopping by,

Marci –

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2 thoughts on “Halloween tags

  1. Marci me encantaron , contame como hiciste el fondo??? Bsotes

  2. Holis Grace, gracias por pasar!
    El fondo es de papel de molde arrugado, aunque primero dibujé la telaraña para que pareciera impresa 😉
    Podés ver mi blog en español en: empapelarci.blogspot.com.ar
    TKM amiga!

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