Easy craft for Teacher’s Appreciation Day

It is that time of the year again for all teachers to celebrate their day …and for us to make them feel special!

Kids get excited about what to give their teacher, and moms start looking for that little something that shows how much our children love them.

Well, what’s better than making a small present with our own hands?!

So this year I made ten tiny shadow boxes. I really wanted to personalize them so I included the teacher’s name as an embellishment. I added two little flowers and a mini tag on one side. I put them in tulle bags and I added a mini note book to complete the gift… and voila! my little boy was so happy with them that he couldn’t wait to take them to school. 




Easy craft for Teacher’s Appreciation Day





This is a very simple and cute gift for all occasion!

Marci 😀

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2 thoughts on “Easy craft for Teacher’s Appreciation Day

  1. Esta genial, Emi super feliz . Me encantaron estos regalos para sus maestros. Grande Marci. Besos amiga. Te extraño.-

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