My first Printer’s Tray

I must confess that I loved making this printer’s tray. It is probably my favorite among the things I’ve done so far.

…although I think my appreciation here is far from being impartial because every time I finish something I think it is my favorite, but isn’t that the feeling we get?

That is why we keep going, and making one and other and another, that’s our fuel: feeling fulfilled when we  finish a project, we observe it, admire it and plan the next.

We can use little things we have at home to make a printer’s tray. Those tiny treasures that are hiding in a corner of a drawer waiting to see the light. It is the opportunity to enter the hall of fame for those minimal expressions of ourselves, those little objects that shine with an inner light, that hold a story which lasts only a second.

Here it is mine:


That’s me in the mirror reflexion!




Believe me, it’s wonderful to make one. If you make yours send me the pics!



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One thought on “My first Printer’s Tray

  1. Que lindo y hermoso que te quedó, espero verlo en vivo y directo y ver los proximos que haremos. Ahora no quiero ver la proxima entrada con lo que mas te ha gustado…… Besos amiguita.- Nos estamos hablando.-

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