My Scrapbooking Circle

When I first started scrapbooking, all the way down in the very South of South America,  where no-one ever heard of this so-difficult-to-pronounce hobby, I thought it was going to be just and only me… the lonely scrapbooker of the South.

To my surprise, I found another woman of these latitudes cutting little pieces of paper, and then, together we found two more.Now I belong to the best and rarest scrapbooking group ever, let me tell you people, I feel so very very lucky to have been able to find other people who like to scrap in my own town.

And they are not only scrapbooking lovers, but also fine crafters. Graciela is a painter and ceramist, Esther is a specialist on decoupage, Marilyn is the pioneer of scrapbooking and there’s me: new in everything  :S

So we started getting together to share experiences, tools, tips, coffee, projects, pictures, tutorials, and everything we had been able to collect from internet, from trips to Buenos Aires, from other people’s trips to USA who diligently brought us some goodies.

We get together once every two weeks when in turn, one of us brings a project to make that day, trying to incorporate a new technique to show the rest.

From left to right: Grace, Esther, Marilyn and me


Am I lucky or what?!


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4 thoughts on “My Scrapbooking Circle

  1. Que lindas palabras Marci , la verdad es asi, cuando comenzamos nadie entendia nada , ni el nombre ni nada, y aun es asi, pero poco a poco vamos ganando adeptos. Besos enormes.-

  2. Hello from Canada,
    I have been in Canada for the last 12 ys. (I’m argentinian) and 6ys. ago I fund this lovely technique. It is beautiful to have friends beside to create together.Thank you for the post Marci.

    Hola desde Canada,
    hace 12 años que vivo aquí y 6 que encontré esta hermosa técnica (soy argentina).Es muy lindo tener amigas al lado para crear juntas. Muchas gracias por este post Marci.
    Cariños desde el otro lado del mundo.

  3. Hola Adriana. Me iluminaste acerca del randa, no sabia que existia, es hermoso y me alegra que lo difundas en tierras tan lejanas.
    Gracias por tu comentario y tu visita!
    Besos mendocinos

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