My first blog award

My blog has been awarded a prize from the heart of my friend Graciela and her blog El Scrap y yo (Scrap and me). This keeps me going in this experience of discovering the world of scrapbooking.

This prize, started by Liebster Blog, has the goal of encourage all blogs under 200 followers to help  spread their  projects and dreams.

I have to pass this award onto to other 6 blogs that bear the same attributes, my suggested blogs would have to leave a comment on this blog and choose others for the award.

These are my awarded blogs:

My first awarded blog is Elena’s, she is who brought scrapbooking to Argentina:

Scrapbooking: El reto porteño

My friend Graciela’s blog is my second awarded, we scrapbook the afternoons away sharing precious moments:

El scrap y yo

Marilyn’s blog who has helped me since the beginning in this hobbie:

Marilyn Scrap Time

My ciber-friend: Maria and her special blog:

Penpals, postcards and swaps

My first G+ scrapbooking friend: Erica

Digigirl Paper Craft 


Thank you all girls because you are so ready to offer your help, your superb talent, inconditional support and good vibe!





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