Building heartwarming memories at scrapbooking

I still can’t believe where Scrapbooking has driven me and the best of it is that this is only the beginning.

I have been searching the internet for people who were into Scrapbooking in Argentina and mostly in Mendoza so I would be able to meet them in person. My dream was was to get together with a group of ladies and scrapbook the afternoon away! (just like Blanche and her friends in the movie New in Town!)

New in Town, scrapbooking scene

I am so beyond there, my friends.

I had a still image in my mind: ladies cutting little pieces of  paper and chatting over tea around a table …and I have found so much more than that!

I’ve found friendly, generous, creative group of hands and hearts, that have welcomed me so warmly that I still can’t believe it myself. I’m such a novice in the activity and all these crafters are so encouraging, so eager to share what they know, and believe me, they know! Most of them are professional artists, they have dedicated their lives to all kinds of different art expressions, and hey pour their knowledge and experience into Scrapbooking.

I’ve found such a rich world of colored emotions and textured friendships!

Lots of love!


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