Little Christmas favor jar

I had some unexpected guests for Christmas eve dinner this year and I wanted them to have a little present to take home that night.

You know that in South America the whole family gets together for dinner on Christmas Eve, everybody brings presents for everybody else, which we hide until midnight when Papà Noel magically makes them appear around the Christmas Tree.

We always have to plan a distraction for the kids, which is generally some fireworks, everything needs a little planning ahead: who will take the kids to see the fireworks and who will run to that secret place and strategically place the presents, the runner needs to be agile and quick as the kids are always on red alert for Papà Noel’s tiniest sign of presence!

Let me tell you, it is so much fun for adults as it is for the children!

Having said that, now you can understand why I needed a little something for my new guests, I didn’t want them to be standing around the tree with empty hands.  I was going to make only three little jars… I ended up making 19! for all my adult guests.

I used all kinds of embellishments I had mainly in white and silver. Inside the jars there is a nut mix in some and a chocolate treat mix in others.

I decorated the bags with poppy seeds making the shape of a heart and wrote the guests names with a puffy gold paint.

I hope you all had a happy Christmas and a a great New Year!

– Marci ;D

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