Useful gift: an envelope book for Teacher’s Appreciation Day

I had to make some gifts that were useful. Of course I had to make them myself, giving them that home-made touch that is so  gratifying for the home-maker and the receiver.

So I did seven envelope books and I decorated only the front and back, inside I simply used some nice white envelopes so it would complete the book and give it a good finish without having to decorate each one, Teacher’s Appreciation Day was getting near!

I used 4 envelopes for the book ‘pages’ and the covers, front and back, are one big brown envelope which adds two extra places where to keep your little treasures.

This is a nice and practical way to keep and carry small things, and you can make it beautiful adding your own personal touch if you use a scrapbooking idea.

This envelope books are super simple to make you can make your own with very little money and in a short time.

Contact me! if you want to know anything about it to make your own.

Marci ;D



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One thought on “Useful gift: an envelope book for Teacher’s Appreciation Day

  1. I think these would make very cute coupon organizers!

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