My very first project

I am so exited to show you my very first scrapbooking-intended project. I did it with all those little treasures I have kept for such a long time.
I wanted to test myself into doing something specifically for scrapbooking.
What I did was a sign to post up the Teachers’ room board at the ESL Academy where I am the head (…nobody would say they didn’t like it! Lol!)

Everything you see is handmade. I scissor cut the butterflies and little flowers and I centered the flowers with tiny purple cristals. The square patterned background paper is a gift wapping paper which help me balance the project into different shades of green.

I wanted to write on my sign a quote from McGranaham, so I wrote it on a dressmaker’s tracing paper, and I gave it an old look by crumpling and then ironing it. I used a soft green cardboard paper for the base but it looked too plane, so I borrow my son’s color pencils and applied a greenish shade to its edges.

I glued all parts together and embellished the final product with little things I found in my treasure box.

I hand made the flowers and butterflies

I added the text to the shaded cardboard

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