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Hidden scrapbooker…

I think that I’ve always been a scrapbooker… and I have had it hidden in my soul my whole life.
I’ve always kept little things here and there that caught my attention, without having a concious purpose …until recently.
I adore paper, looking at paper, touching paper, cutting paper, coloring paper, making paper, origami, and what not. Now I know what I want to do: I want to be an official scrapbooker.
After having that life-turning enlightenment, my next step was to begin with my very first project, for which I started to search my house looking for elements… to my surprise I had all kinds of little treasures carefully kept in different spots.

antique embellishments: beads, buttons, sequins, thread, handmade cotton lacecotton


I had silk threads, antique french beads, sequins, tiny embroidery beads, antique buttons, and some pieces of handmade cotton lace. Also scraps of all sorts of paper and cardboard.

I have collected all these little treasures over the years, some were my mom’s, others my aunt’s mom, a friend of mine’s aunt who embroidered braidal gowns, and of course, my grandma’s. How did all these things came to my possesion? Each of them is a story in itself and I should write about that  someday, they deserve it.

I have these tiny ghosts hidden in my treasure embellishments now, it is time to buy and hide my own ghosts into my brand new scrapbooking elements and start off!

Thanks for reading me,

Marci –

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